Monday, December 06, 2004


Tryons Class

Sorry i couldn't do this for my last blog but technincal diffulcuties did npt allow me to finish. This class very good class cause the teacher did not stress on us about homework and a lot of test I may have turned this in late O just want to say something abou this class. Now that it is over I believe that I actually learned something from an English class and can take it to further studies. One important thing that I leaned is that your opinion does matter and dont ever take it for granted. It was fun talking open in a class without having to raise your hand and actually haold a real discussion. So I would like to thank chuck for allowing me to be a part of it.

Have a good break!!!

Sunday, December 05, 2004


Study Habits

I think maybe if I were not an architecture major, and did not have to deal with Sabir Khan and the rest of the life-consuming curriculum of the Common First Year in the College of Architecture, I would not have spent the suggested amount of time studying that this survey believes should be necessary. Most of my time was dominated not by studying exactly but by drawing and drafting in the studio. I pulled so many all nighters in there that it was proverbially not even funny. I’d stayed up all night exactly once before I came to college here and it was definitely not because I was studying, and now I feel like I never get sleep. You know the headache people get when they sleep for too long? I get it after eight hours of zzz’s. Or possibly my headache is due to guilt from wasting that much time instead of going to work on things in the studio, or doing something else more productive like writing blog entries. I understand that college is supposed to be hard, but it is also meant to be extremely fun. Everyone likes college. Study hard, and have a good time. I seem to be missing the fun part. In high school I studied for tests and quizzes in the five minute break before class started, and I was valedictorian. I knew the plot lines of like five primetime television shows my senior year. I ate three healthy meals every day, and ran various numbers of miles every day as well. In contrast, I am failing calculus, eat crap at random times, and never sleep. Wow, college. Fun.


Chuck’s Views

To comment on Professor Tryon’s excellent knack of keeping his political views out of sight in order to keep the class non-partisan, I think he did an exceptional job. I mean, it must have been difficult what with Danielle’s prying and the general heightened feelings of everyone because of the proximity of the election and the serious issues at stake. I must digress from this English class for a moment to mention my AP Government class at West Hall High School in Gainesville. There were ten students in the class. By the end of the first day it was very apparent that eight of them were staunchly conservative. By the end of the first month my teacher, Lynn Suggs, had obtained a life-sized cardboard cutout of George Dubya Bush from somewhere or another and placed it in one of the front corners of the room. Every day I was greeted by the bright and cheery smile of our president at the beginning of second block. If Mrs. Suggs (housewife-esque short blond hair, lots of eye shadow, quite the Southern accent) came in late, the class played various pranks on Dubya like sort of folding him and putting him in a student desk, poising him behind the podium, or adorning him with scarves and jackets. Sometimes Dubya hid in the closet or behind the door, or someone helped him to jump out at people as they passed the classroom. After a month or so I pretended to abandon my liberal views and my grade promptly skyrocketed. I could go on forever about how partisan that class was. I got ticked off almost every day. So in conclusion, Chuck, you’ve done quite a good job, especially compared to the country bumpkin of a government teacher I had.


South Park

Because she is obsessed with South Park, my roommate forced me to watch the season premiere this year which happened to be the one we watched in class and was also the first episode of the program that I had ever viewed in its entirety. South Park has perfected the art of being completely honest and exceptionally offensive to everyone, and for the people not being made fun of, absolutely hilarious. I mean, a competition for the new South Park Elementary mascot between a giant douche and a turd sandwich (and why is Microsoft Word spell check giving me a red line under “turd”? That is so spelled correctly) is perhaps the best analogy between John Kerry and George Bush that I have ever heard. Tall and wimpy versus short and turd-like. No wonder lots of people refrain from even registering to vote. As Timmy (or whoever) said, every election is always between a giant douche and a turd sandwich. I don’t really think Kerry is a douche (he did after all actually serve in the military and fight and stuff), but this is beside the point. Anyone who can butter up the number of people that must be sucked up to in order to get on enough people’s good sides to become a presidential candidate, well, must be a sleazy person. Kerry is probably less sleazy, I think, because lots of his funding just came from his wife. Bush had to suck up to Corporate America.
I suppose the results of the election just demonstrate that America (or slightly over half of America) believes that with a giant douche, you just get a douche. With a turd sandwich, however, you get the full package of the bread, and the turd, and the lettuce, and the olive.


Tryon’s Class Rocks

I wholeheartedly agree with the rest of my blog group that your idea for an English class centered on the election rocks, Professor Tryon. The timing, of course, was fantastic. The purpose, divine. The way the class was conducted was also splendid (ok, too much thesaurus). I was so very excited when you announced that the class was going to be focusing on politics, in light of the stirring election that was about to take place. I’d taken a seat at the very front so as to be as involved as possible in my first college English class. You, Professor Tryon, introduced the theme of the class and made sure to be very clear that it would be more of a commentary, and quite absolutely not a partisan debate. Then I realized that the t-shirt of the day happened to be the bright blue one with “VOTE KERRY 2004” written quite blindingly in white on the back. I slouched down into my rolling chair and attempted to nonchalantly pull my cardigan on. No need to make enemies on the first day of class.
The only fault that I personally found with the class was due to my own reserved nature. I always had so much to say, but did not want to say it because I did not want to seem partisan. The conversation seemed to be dominated by a lots of well-spoken (mostly) people, and I didn’t want to say dumb stuff. Again, this is no fault of yours, Chuck.
Ah yes, and I am also having a bit of a difficult time pulling off writing oh, sixteen blog entries by ah, next week. I guess college is all about pacing yourself?


Response to “Journeys with George”

I very much liked Alexandra Pelosi’s glasses. They totally displayed her quirky yet businesslike personality. Purpley horn-rimmed. Those were the kind of glasses that obscure art-flick directors wear, not the reporters that follow a Presidential candidate (and a conservative one at that). They probably helped with her image of someone who is harmlessly asking questions, to whom a politician might divulge a bit more candid information. This image helped Alexandra’s documentary, “Journeys with George,” to be successful and interesting. Although I was a bit apprehensive about it, the way the film portrayed President Bush was actually comforting. I don’t like his political standing, but I do like the dry sense of humor and excellent handshaking that were visible in the film. I would, in fact, rather have a beer with Dubya than with John Kerry (that is, if we both liked beer). This is, of course, not to say that I would rather Dubya be president. But I stray from the point. I admire Alexandra Pelosi’s talent to leave her Democratic views at the door of her documentary (except the one time when she called Bush out on the death penalty—and she quickly backed off). Different from Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9-11,” which was one-sided to the point that it could hardly be taken seriously, “Journeys with George” neither supported George nor bashed him. It simply showed the way that the presidential candidate conducted himself toward the members of his press following while he was campaigning. Whether this is how he acts under different circumstances is left up to our imagination.


Vince Keenan Made Voting Easier (for Michigan)

OK, I realize that this essay is quite a bit “after the fact”.
Vince Keenan sure put a lot of effort into making voting easier for his fellow Michigonians (no, that is not a legitimate word, but it sounds good right?). I was not sure what to expect from his lecture and I am not completely sure what I got out of it, but it was interesting in its own right. I think the lecture was focused more on the general Techies that Vince was talking to, rather than the political aspects and significance of what he and his buddies did. I very much appreciated his effort and tireless dedication to his cause, especially because I have no idea how to code web pages and such (HTML? Java? What?). Creating Publius (despite its rather suggestive name—not suggestive of voting) was a very worthy project and so I will give it the accolades that it deserves. It is so important for people to vote because our country needs an accurate representation of the opinions of everyone in order to choose the best person to lead our country. I think voting should be required, like in Australia, but this is sort of beside the point. So here we go, back to the point. I got more from when Vince came into our class and discussed political and voting issues with us (despite the rather dictatorial structure that the other teacher, not you, Chuck, was staunchly creating and forcing Vince to adhere to) because it related to our class much more than the technical aspects of creating Publius. I wish we had something like that page here in Georgia, but I am satisfied with the process I used in finding my polling place.


Voting (and my lack thereof)

My best friend literally gasped when I told her I had not voted in this year’s presidential election. My roommate gaped in shock. I could barely believe how things had turned out myself. Now I have to wait four years for the next presidential election to sort of anonymously voice my opinion. The results of the election were even more devastating for my sense of self worth. Because of me, and people like me, terrible things are going to happen like more wildlife being destroyed, more people being killed for (in my opinion) an unworthy cause, more money being spent adding to the deficit that people my age will be held accountable for when we do have jobs and have to pay taxes, no equal rights for gay people, the disintegration of the separation between church and state…the list goes on. I am a terrible person; I did not vote. Luckily I haven’t seen Puffy hiding in any bushes by my dorm. I must explain, although there is no real excuse for my lack of action. I intended to go home to vote (I only live about 45 minutes north of Tech, in Gainesville) and skip part of my architecture studio class (which lasts four and a half hours anyway). To my dismay, a week before the election, a project was assigned that was due on Election Day. I was required to attend the full class. It was too late for the absentee ballot. I almost cried when I watched Kerry’s concession speech. Some say he looks like Frankenstein’s monster—I still wouldn’t have minded that big hug he wanted to give his supporters.
So maybe my vote wouldn’t have “counted”. Bush won Georgia by a landslide, of course. I just wanted to stand in line and know that I tried. And not be gaped at by my friends.


Blog Essay 15

For my last blog entry I have found an old Atlanta Journal Constitution article that talks about Bush and Kerry sparring with words during one of their debates. In "Free-Swinging Verbal Slugfest: Bush, Kerry go toe-to-toe on issues in their most aggressive exchange yet" Ken Hermann goes about explaining how Kerry and Bush spent the entire time squaring off at each other critizing every thing they could about their opponent. This is not any kind of surprise considering that is what most candidates actually do in debates instead of actually explaining why they are the better candidate or what their policies and beliefs are (a good example would be the South Park episode we watched in class when the two candidates had their debate). The debate was also an important stepping stone for each candidate, Bush needed to get back at Kerry after losing the first debate and Kerry needed to improve his stronghold to gain as many swing voters as he could. However, it seemed that neither candidate really accomplished what they needed to do in the debate to improve their chances to win. If the candidates would explain their positions instead of destroying their opponent, then maybe the voters would get a clearer understanding as to what candidate they would actually agree with. By taking verbal jabs at your opponent during the debate and throughout the election, it only causes your opponent to take those jabs back at you making both of you left finding ways to fix what they said instead of getting your ideas and visions out to the voters.

Blog Essay 15

For my last blog entry I have found an old Atlanta Journal Constitution article that talks about Bush and Kerry sparring with words during one of their debates. In "Free-Swinging Verbal Slugfest: Bush, Kerry go toe-to-toe on issues in their most aggressive exchange yet" Ken Hermann goes about explaining how Kerry and Bush spent the entire time squaring off at each other critizing every thing they could about their opponent. This is not any kind of surprise considering that is what most candidates actually do in debates instead of actually explaining why they are the better candidate or what their policies and beliefs are (a good example would be the South Park episode we watched in class when the two candidates had their debate). The debate was also an important stepping stone for each candidate, Bush needed to get back at Kerry after losing the first debate and Kerry needed to improve his stronghold to gain as many swing voters as he could. However, it seemed that neither candidate really accomplished what they needed to do in the debate to improve their chances to win. If the candidates would explain their positions instead of destroying their opponent, then maybe the voters would get a clearer understanding as to what candidate they would actually agree with. By taking verbal jabs at your opponent during the debate and throughout the election, it only causes your opponent to take those jabs back at you making both of you left finding ways to fix what they said instead of getting your ideas and visions out to the voters.

Blog Essay 15

For my last blog entry I have found an old Atlanta Journal Constitution article that talks about Bush and Kerry sparring with words during one of their debates. In "Free-Swinging Verbal Slugfest: Bush, Kerry go toe-to-toe on issues in their most aggressive exchange yet" Ken Hermann goes about explaining how Kerry and Bush spent the entire time squaring off at each other critizing every thing they could about their opponent. This is not any kind of surprise considering that is what most candidates actually do in debates instead of actually explaining why they are the better candidate or what their policies and beliefs are (a good example would be the South Park episode we watched in class when the two candidates had their debate). The debate was also an important stepping stone for each candidate, Bush needed to get back at Kerry after losing the first debate and Kerry needed to improve his stronghold to gain as many swing voters as he could. However, it seemed that neither candidate really accomplished what they needed to do in the debate to improve their chances to win. If the candidates would explain their positions instead of destroying their opponent, then maybe the voters would get a clearer understanding as to what candidate they would actually agree with. By taking verbal jabs at your opponent during the debate and throughout the election, it only causes your opponent to take those jabs back at you making both of you left finding ways to fix what they said instead of getting your ideas and visions out to the voters.

Blog Essay 14

In "Stem cells could repair your spinal cord" the issue being discussed is stem cells research. The issue of stem cells research has gotten a lot attention lately with people such as Ronald Reagon's son rallying behind it. However, it is kind of confusing as to why people are so against this study. With the use of stem cells as a substitute for real human parts a lot more people can be helped who have diseases that deteriorate their bodies. It can also help many people live longer, happier lives than the ones they would have before hand. Such medical problems as spinal cord injuries and multiple sclerosis could be fixed just by allowing this research to continue and finish what has been started. This is not including the idea of cloning, which is one of the reasons why many people are against stem cell research, but just the idea of creating options to help people who need it. Why should some people have to suffer very painful and shorter lives when there is possibly a way to improve them just because some people who have never experienced or seen what these sick and troubled people are actually going though don't think that it is ethically right. All in all when you actually think about it, what is stem cell research even doing; everything that it being done is just creating cells in a labortory that can one day eventually be used to help out some one to live a longer and more pain free life.

Blog Essay 13

In "Maybe Same-Sex Marriage Didn't Make the Difference" Pam Belluck goes about explaining the effect of the entire same-sex marriage issue in the decision for who our next president was going to be. The big issue discussed in this article is did the whole same-sex marriage issue cause some states to go a different way in voting in the election. When it all comes down to it, you have to think that it did play a major role in what ended up happening. The same-sex marriage issue has a lot of people who are extremely against it and if it was up to them, they would never allow gay people to be able to get married. This would play in effect to Kerry's stance on the issue, by being democrat he supported in a way more than Bush, leading to the possibility that with all that has gone on with same-sex marriages in the past year in areas like Boston and California, maybe Kerry lost because some of his supportors switched sides because they are so against even the idea of gay marriage. In the article, Matt Foreman (executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force) explains how the same-sex marriage issue should not have played any bigger a factor in the election as other morally based issues such as abortion, capital punishment and so on. Many supportors of same-sex marriage feel that the issue is much like the racial issue from back in the 1950's and 60's when the civil rights issue reached a peak. This comparison is pretty good by the fact that some people accept it and allow it to happen, while the others are either to for it to allow any thing to get in the way of making it happen, or to against it to allow such a disaster happen.


I.B.M. Being Sold?

An unknown company in the United States is thinking of buying I.B.M. This company is called Lenovo. Lenovo is partially owned by the Chinese government. This company is China’s largest personal computer maker and the world’s fast growing PC company. It is also the leading the computer sells in Asia outside of Japan. The chance of Lenovo to buy I.B.M. is very unlikely because there are too many obstacles for the company to overcome, but there is a very small potential of happening. If Lenovo buys I.B.M., the competitions among other PC companies will increase like Hewitt Packards, Dell, NEC, and other leading computer companies. Lenovo will become more known throughout the world. It will also lead to PC companies to make better, faster, more durable, and more affordable computers than what we have now. Each company will try to make better computers than their competitors, so each company will be at war with each other to get the consumers attentions with sales, new gadgets on the computers, and many more features. If Lenovo buys I.B.M., I think that the consumers will benefit the most out of this deal, because they will get top notch personal computer with new and fancy features. The best thing will be the price will be cheaper than affordable, so the company will have the edge over the other competitors. I am hoping that this deal will happen, but we just have to wait and see if Lenovo going to buy I.B.M. If they do, the competition with each companies will pushed to another level.


How a Dictator thinks 101

The U.N. Oil Scandal
Published: December 5, 2004

Let me first say that dictators do not place a high priority on the people they rule over. They typically came into power through ruthlessness, and keep power by amassing more of it, suspicion, and parinoia. This means they are more concerned with their own power (which often comes down their military), then the basic health of their citizens. It is a generally agreed fact that countries spend money as they see fit. There is nothing the US or the UN can do about that. Given these other things it is almost illogical to expect that sanctions will do a whole lot of good.

For the sake of arguement let's say Iraq makes $100 every month (just for the sake of a nice number, I really do hope they make more than this). Saddam probably spent about $50 (randomly) on his military and weapons programs. This means that $50 go to civil programs, food, what-have-you. Now the US and UN decide to sanction Iraq, now it is only making $60 a month (arbitrarily). Now what you and I would probably do is only spend about $30 or so on the military. Not if you are a true dictator. If you were meant for the position you would know that our idea of cutting military spending is stupid/heresy. A REAL dictator still spends $50 dollars on the military, leaving $10 for the people. All the while a true dictator would be blaming the horrible US and UN for the people's woes thereby getting them to hate Americans for their problems.

I don't see why we even bother. We should just go in and get rid of Saddam for some arbitrary reason just so we don't have to deal with him anymore... wait a minute...

Blog Essay 12

In "Effort by Bush on Education Faces Obstacles in the States," Diana Jean Schemo talks about Bush's No Child Left Behind law as being both effective and uneffective. The article begins by explaining how a school in Michigan is soon to have consequences done to them because of there poor standings from the No Child Left Behind tests. According to what is supposed to happen, teachers, and principals can get fired, and new management would be brought in to try and run things right. On the other hand, Watkins the super intendent of Michigan schools wants to take care of it himself (wants to keep it in the state) by advising people to tell the teachers ways to improve themselves and to use newer curriculums to get all of the students to learn what they need to learn. Watkins idea sounds so much better by the fact that Bush's idea would be like starting over with a new team not really knowing if they will do any better than the teachers and staff members before them. At least in Watkins idea you are actually giving the teachers a chance to improve themselves before or instead of firing them. If the teachers were fired, they would still end up getting a job some where else and that will leave that school with the same unprepared teacher as the other one had. Also, the idea of invoking newer curriculums to mold around what the students are stuggling in and obviously need more help in is perfect for allowing all of the students to have equal opportunities to be on the same level. It is not right to just keep firing administrations and teachers until you finally get it right when you can just as easily make it right by checking the schools progress and improving it where it needs to be improved.


Performance Enhancers

Recently Barry Bonds was found for using steroids supplements that are undetectable but illegal by required drug tests. Recently players have been found using That has caused the federal govment to step in. The alarming number of players found using performence enhancers has put the lwage into to a deep thought because the game is losing its honor. President Bush, who at one point owned a baseball team has spoken on the issue and tried to hold a meeting with the association but it fell apart. John McCain has also said that any more meetings are unnecessary because the problem and the solution are already known. The big problem with this steroid scandal is that it cannot be dettected by Drug test. this would cause a very big struggle to keep sports in its purist form.

Steroids in professianla sports can cause to major consequences. One it will effect the young athletes and now that they are seeing where they want to be and what professianal players did to get there they would be reluctant to try to find som performance enhancers them self. Another thing it will destroy the resppectabilty that sports have. Baseball is not really a sport to use steroids or other, so if they can use it may will use it.


A Soldier's Story

A Soldier's Story: The Curious Transformation of a Son of Dynasty
Published: December 5, 2004

When I was reading this my first thought was this would be a "why a guy went into the Army in these times" kind of story. Instead I got a pseudo-cynical look at how the mayor of Chicago's son is joining up. Patrick Daley, the son, says he is signing up out of a sense of duty. I really don't understand that sentiment very well. I suppose it is personal preference (I don't know how else to discribe it).

Other columnists suggest that he is signing up to counteract some teen mess-ups. Personally I think this rationale is STUPID. Who in their right mind would go into the military in times of war just to cover up some crap that happened when he was a kid. Especially when the guy is safe and pulling in six figures at home. It seems terribly extreme for someone to go that far just so in ten-twenty years from now he can be elected mayor of Chicago just like his dad.

By the way, does having a few incidents like getting drunk at parties, etc. really come back to haunt you in elections. If so, something is seriously defective with that.

Saturday, December 04, 2004


Big Plans = Big Money

In Falluja's Ruins, Big Plans and a Risk of Chaos
Published: December 1, 2004

When I first read this article I got dizzy from the thought of how much money we would have to spend on this town. I do not enjoy spending buckets of money and sending our economy into further depression when that same money could be used on AMERICANS. I just want to have the federal government spend our money on us. What really gets me is that we did not really accomplish our objective. Get the insurgents. In fact, we probably actually rallyed more supporters and recruits for the insurgents.

Falluja is a rather bad place, from an American standpoint. We would have had to take care of that place eventually if we ever decided to do anything in the area. My problem is that I did not want to go into Iraq in the first place. I do not feel that all diplomatic avenues were exhausted. If, and only if, ALL means were exhausted would I consider going to war. "War is the result of diplomacy failed." I really do consider war, and most everything attached to it, a waste.
In Falluja's Ruins, Big Plans and a Risk of Chaos
Published: December 1, 2004

When I first read this article I started to get dizzy. The idea of how much money we would have to spend on this reconstruction will do that to me. I bothers me that we blow up a city filled with civilians in the first place, but then to say that you probably failed in your objective (we went in to "get" the insurgents). We destroyed the city and now we have to rebuild it, that is the basic jist of it. I don't wanna take responsiblity for my actions [stomping feet in a temper tantrum].

Falluja is a rather bad place, from an American standpoint. We obviously needed to take care of this place, however I just didn't want us to. By that I mean I did not want to go into Iraq. I absolutely feel that we did not exhaust all diplomatic possibilities before we charged in. If, and only if, ALL possibilities were exhausted, only then would I admit that war should be considered. "War is the result of diplomacy failed." Now we have to pay the consequences, literally.

Defrocking Lesbians? ...Kinky

United Methodists Move to Defrock Lesbian
published: December 3, 2004

Truth be told, I just don't understand anything. I don't know why people chose to (or some say don't chose to) be gay. I don't understand we conservatives feel the need to penalize people for their lifestyle. I don't get how this woman can be a praised for having good skills as a minister, but still considered unnecessary because they are not "living inside the covenant of the church." I just don't understand anything.

I'm just glad none of these denominations (the Catholics either) have it right. If God acted the way they do... frankly there wouldn't be anybody left on Earth. I can guess why the conservatives are a bit dodgy about letting homosexuals be ministers (/exist). Can we say "Sodom and Gamora". I can guess why the liberals are a little ticked too. They sit in a room with a bunch of other people every Sunday, sing some songs, and listen to some flowery talk about love and understanding. But when they walk out of that room they turn around and wonder why there isn't any of that "love and understanding" between those same flowery speakers.

I suppose it doesn't matter anyway if you are a conservative. Liberalism is a mental disorder (I SWEAR TO GOD BILL O'RILLY ACTUALLY SAID THAT ON AIR [on the radio]). They'll find a cure for it eventually.

Blog essay 11

In the USA Today article "Navy probes new Iraq prisoner photos" the associated press informs us of how some of the POW's during the War in Iraq were extremely mistreated. Apparently in May of 2003 some picture were taken that show these American Navy SEALs mistreating Iraqis by using excessive measures to restrain the prisoners. Some of these measures include pointing guns to their head, abusing them causing their heads to bleed, and sitting on them while they are already handcuffed. Even though these are prisoners and the people who are trying to kill the SEALs there still is no reason why they need to be treated like lesser creates and abused. They are still human beings and even if they don't deserve to live, they still have a right to be treated as a human and not as an animal. For the SEALs to think they have a right to do this they need to be relieved of their duty. However, I don't think that they should be punished by the way of jail time themselves because they did fight in the war for America and they just did what they felt they needed to do or what the prisoners deserved. It is a shame that things like this happens, and it is not just for American troops either, many of the Americans that are captured prisoner in other countries are beaten, tortured, and or killed while in captivity. It is ridiculous that prisoners lives are not equal to every one elses. One thing about this article that is puzzling is the fact that not only did they take these pictures of them breaking the law and doing these horrible things, but they posted them on the internet and one of their wives gave them up to what will eventually lead to everyone involved to get severely punished for what they did. If you are going to do something wrong and illegal then at least don't create so many ways for you to get caught from it.

Sex Charges in High School

There is another sex charge on a middle school teacher. Cherokee County middle school teacher was arrested Wednesday for having an inappropriate relationship with a student. This is not the first time there were teachers having sex with the student and several other inappropriate acts between students and teachers. It is sad what the world has come to. Teachers are supposed to be there to help and teach their students, and there suppose to be trustful and keep their relationship as teacher and student only. This is not the only relationship that has been ruined like pastor and children relationships, parents and children relationships, and many other types of relationships. I think it is wrong for people to take advantage of student and children to do indecent acts. It seems like these types of indecencies with children are happening everywhere, for example, the case where Michael Jackson is accused of molesting little boys. It is sad that there is hardly anyone to trust now. It must be tough to be a parent in this day of time because the parents must worry about their babysitter molesting their children, teachers doing indecent acts with the students, wrong doing in the Boy Scout, and also in the church. It is very sad to see sexual indecencies in the church. What has the world come to see that kind of scandal to happen? Whatever happens to trusting people at the church and at the school? Trusting people is mere myth no because in this present time trusting people is a hard thing to do now.


Blog essay 10

In a short article I found off of one of the group project sites called "Snow: No Need to Cut War Spending" the US Treasury Secretary John Snow said that to fix America's economy problems we do need to cut spendings, but that the cuts should not be from the War in Iraq or the War on Terror. This seems like a stupid idea, not to cut money from what we are spending on the wars, because a lot of the money going in that direction is wasted. The war in Iraq has drawn on a lot longer than it should have and what we are doing over there now is just fighting the people who are still loyal to a leader that doesn't exsist any more (aka terrorist). So if we fight them for terrorist we should go fight all the countries that contain terrorists until we kill them all. The War on Terror needs to continue and needs to be sufficiently funded in order for every last American citizen to feel and be safe; however, trying to kill or capture every last terrorist is not only impossible but futile because more will just arise. Our wars and missions to capture terristic leaders is a good idea because it will leave many terrorist without a leader to follow. So there are still many ways in which we can have a direct effect on protecting the American citizens with still being able to cut money from the War on Terror and possible cutting money from or even totally ending the War on Iraq. Snow says that the War on Terror is so important that no money can be cut from it, but what else is there, should it be cut from education, from improving America's living status's, building more internal improvements, no matter what you cut it from it will leave Americans hurting in some way, you just have to sacrifice some things in order to make something else better and workout.

Colombian Drug Kingpin Faces U.S. Justice

On Saturday, December 4, 2004, the Colombian drug kingpin, Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela, was captured and was flown to the United States to face U.S. justice. He is supposedly to be the most Columbian trafficker to be trialed in the United States. He is being trialed in New York and in Miami for transporting cocaine and laundering money. In 1990’s, Rodriguez Orejuela and his brother controlled eighty percent of the world’s cocaine trade, and they also earned eight billion dollars in annual profits. That is a huge amount of money that these drugs traffickers are making. I think that is great that American officials are able to capture people and trial him for bringing illegally drugs to sell to people in America. Drugs addictions seem to be growing in our country, because people like Rodriguez Orejuela are there to supply dealers to sell illegal drugs to people. The extradition of this powerful drug lord took a thirteen years investigation for the United States officials. I believe it is amazing for the country of Columbia and the country of United States to be working together to extradite powerful drug lords and to stop drug trafficking in both of the countries. Rodriguez Orejuela might be sentenced similarly to previous drug traffickers that were extradited in the U.S. like Fabio Ochoa, who sentenced for thirty years and Carlos Lehder, who sentenced life without parole. Orejuela will have to wait and see what the outcome will be from his trials in Miami and New York. People in the world needs to see more of kingpins and drug traffickers being captured.


Suicide Bomber Kills 8 Iraqi Police Officers

It seems there was another horrible incident in Iraq. In Baghdad, there was a suicide bomber that killed eight Iraqi’s policemen and wounded thirty eight other people from that horrible suicide bombing. In Mosul, there was another suicide bombing at a American military base killing at least eighteen people and wounding fifteen others. I believe that the situations in Iraq is getting worse and more violent for Iraqi’s officials and American soldiers to take care of. It seems like violence is growing; and American soldiers and Iraqi’s policemen are getting killed and wounded almost everyday in Iraq. It is scary time for people and the American soldiers in Iraq during the time of war because these people do not know what holds for them the next day. Because of the constant suicide bombing and attacks from the Kurds, it makes the people there living in constant fear and pretty much living in hell. These types of violent attacks will definitely have an affect of the first official in Iraq, January 30, 2005. Because of these several random violent attacks in Iraq, several politicians believe that they need to delay the day of election, but the United States of America officials and President Bush have clearly stated that they will not delay the election at all even if all these act of violence are happening. Because of their decisions, America decided to send more soldiers to try to contain the chaos in Iraq. For the people in Iraq, just have to constantly deal with the chaos in their country.


Iran's Nukes... Wait, THEY have nukes?

One More Round on Iran's Nukes
Published: December 1, 2004

I got kind of nervous there for a second, then the author clarified. Iran does not have nuclear weapons, only weapon's grade material production sites. God, if those psychos had nukes the whole region would be screwed, along with our oil (and it is OURS dangit, or at least that's what Bush seems to think). Even the moderates in Iran make Saddam look liberal. The whole country is so fundamentalist it's ridiculous. Those people honestly scare me.

Enough about me though, let us talk about how Iran is scaring the rest of the world. Apparently Iran needs to be courted and threatened into ceasing nuclear arms production through the savvy use of diplomacy and economics. Reading this article gives me a little hope about the international diplomatic process. From what I gather from this article there are safeguards in place that stop every country from doing whatever they want. The US simply threatening to take the issue to the United Nations Security Council can even give Iran pause. The threat of EXTREME financial consequences is very real and can not be ignored by anyone, especially third-world countries. "Money makes the world go round."

Now the problem is, Iran could keep trying, and eventually they will succeed (if not out of share chance). Basically, the US has used some stall tactics to buy some time so they can maneuver Iran into a better position. Right now the UN is a bit hesitant to get involved until all avenues of diplomacy have been exhausted. Not that it matters what the UN says though, we didn’t need them for Iraq, right? …[sigh].

Wait, they have a will of their own?

Saying No to Vladimir Putin
Published: December 4, 2004

Let me just start off by saying there are few things in this world that tick me off more than presumption. I get pissed at America all the time because we see ourselves as the "defenders of freedom", "axis of justice", whatever. If you know know anything about me/have met me you know that I when I get annoyed I turn sarcastic as fast as a turtle hides his shell.

Having said that, I feel that I have established a proper context for my next statement. Vlad, you should never have let them go if you were going to treat them like they were still yours. I just LOVE how the people with almost absolute power can consider themselves fair and unbias, and how they can consider ALL of their actions right. I case you were wondering people with power have a tendancy to use it, typically not for too many others' benefit.

While I was thinking about this article it dawned on me just how few people it takes to through the world into war, economic disaster, and various other forms of chaos. If you think about it, its kind of scary. There are over six billion people on this planet. Of those six billion probably only twenty-five thousand people hold "key positions", either they are un-Godly rich, or they are a politican with incredible influence (ie Senator, President, or dictator of something). When one of these people is on the move, it is impossible to ignore them. This just means that the common man, who wants a voice, same as these elite, and try to get it through democracy will just be crushed when the person they elect is just another one of the elite. That just bothers me.

Friday, December 03, 2004


My Journey with George

The movie class was a good idea to see what people do in their political campaign. This shined a new light on things that help me unserstand why politicians do some of the things they do. As for for George Busg see who he really is when not trying to really swing votes. You see the good thats their, but also the bad. Wacthing the movie made me realize we got a childish President when he is caught off guard with a question he is not prepared to answer and actually frlt hurt. To me this is not somebody that I would want as President. The it also made me realize that he is just like everyone else. So it is nice for a democrat to show some good fir a President she does not support.

I still dont like Bush and somewhat irritated wheb it cane around election time he forgot who he knew and just worried about the vote the person tallied.My feelings to all politicians are still the same and eill stay the same. The movie itself had a personal side to it that evem got me in to the movie. That some feelings for others and are revealed and how the woman docmenting George develops a relationship. It shows all the details not justwhat George Bush does but everything else that is going on. So tis documentary gave me more of a positive then a negetivw.

Thursday, December 02, 2004


Study Habits

Honestly this is a suprise tp me. Reseaching and surveying students on their study habits is somewhat pointless. There is a different case for every student and is unfair to judge students as a whole. There is a different reason why people cant study the recommended time such as jobs having families or even knoeing the material enough to not needing to study. Researching this information is stupid. In many cases students stay up and study till their head hurts and still carry two jobs and go to school. To me this survey is attack on them,

For me I had good stufy habits that got worse over the years. I been worj\king hard just to get A then I worked even harder as Iwant through life to work may way down to a B. I still care vut I just lost my good study habits, Now the bad habit I picked up is procrastination. I always wait till the last minute to do things, In college it not as bad as highschool but it does cause some problems and stress in my life. Being an athlete doesn't help that scenerio. Most of us work sp hard for our grade and being at Georgia Tech does not help us in our college life brcause the time that is suppose to be required to study is twice as much as other schools. We cant re;y on all the teachers to help us especially the ones that do not like us. We are stereotype against and it is not fair.


No Delay In Iraq's Election

The time is counting down in land of Iraq to the there first official election, which is on January 30,2005 . On Thursday, December 2, 2004, President Bush says that they will not delay the day of election for Iraq. This election can be the turning point for the country of Iraq formation away from chaos. I think that President Bush needs to think very carefully on making hard decisions because this election will greatly affect America. If the election goes well, it increases the chances for America to conform Iraq; but if it goes bad, American will be in a deeper trouble to contain the country and its violence. I think that it was smart decision for Bush to increase the numbers of soldiers to be there at the land of Iraq. There is bound to be act of violence in Iraq, and also a lot of things are riding on this election on January, because it will change America’s future and Iraq’s future. This is a situation that needs to have patient; it is something that cannot be rushed because it is not affect one person but a whole nation. President Bush needs to be careful on his decision that he makes for the land of Iraq because he is carrying a great mount of power for that country. If he slips up, the consequences can be huge, and these consequences will be big. For the people of the world, they just have to wait and see what going to happen on the day of Iraq’s election, January 30, 2005.


Steroids Usage in Baseball

Jason Giambi is one of the few baseball players to admit of using steroids to improve their game. It is sad that baseball players have to go and use illegal sports enhancement drugs to improve their games, instead of relying on their skills and practice to improve their game. Jason Giambi is one of several baseball players that are accused of using illegal sports enhancement drugs like Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and many other players. It makes me wonder what other types of players are using illegal drugs for their game in basketball, football, soccer, and many other types of sports that are there. Jason Giambi must accept his consequences, but it is sad to see such a top notch baseball go down because of drugs. He was the 2000 American League most valuable player, then he says that he started to use steroid during the year of 2001. According to the Chronicle report, the drug that Giambi was using caused his tumor in the pituitary gland to get worse. That means other baseball players will have other health problems eventually, it is just matter of time. I wonder who else will come out and admit of using illegal drug enhancements. Using illegal drugs is not being fair, because for a person who worked hard and got where he is, but it is outplayed by a person who used drugs to get better. I think all sports league should give drug tests to see players are using illegal drugs. It is sad what the sports have come too.


Bush Assassination Plot Denied

Columbian Rebels deny accusation

Both US Intellegence and the Columbian Government made accusations that the 17,000-strong Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC) rebel group had plots to assassinate President Bush during his four-hour visit to Columbia. Security was heightened with troops on the ground, helicopters in the sky, and Columbian warships on the coast. Although the group denies the accusations, saying they were false and reckless, there very well could have been a threat. The article points out that when former President Clinton made a visit to Columbia, materials used in creating bombs were seized just six blocks from where the President was. I'm not very familiar with FARC and what mentality they have towards the United States, but I don't see how they could see assassination of President Bush as helpful. It is not like President Bush is the only President who is going to fight the drug war and help the Columbian Government out. Assassinating President Bush would just put another man in charge who would continue the drug war and support the Columbian government. Thinking this, I'm curious to know how US Intellegence and the Columbian Government came upon these accusations. Assassinating a leader that nobody else agrees with may have a real effect, but to assassinate a leader that most people agree with is pointless.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


A Recount In Ohio????

After reading this article, it is quite interesting that there might be a recount in some part of Ohio, but not all. The election is all over and done with, and we have clear winner that is President Bush that won the 2004 election. That is all true, but the recount is being push to see the faults in the polls. The recount is pushed by the two independent parties. Senator Kerry’s campaign is trying to join the two independent parties. Their reason for the recount is to report that there were problems with poll on the day of election. I think it is necessary to find the fault for the parties that are running because all parties should have a fair and equal chance of winning, so the parties that are pushing for the recount should get a full and fair recount of the votes in all of Ohio, so they can find how serious the faults are in the polls. When the next election comes, the problems can be fixed. I think the recount is going to be very beneficial because it can cause America to see that they might need one official voting system. It is ridiculous how many types of voting system there are throughout the country. Each counties has there own way of voting, America needs to get one official voting system throughout the nation that is easy for people to vote with; and it also has a paper trail for a necessary recount. If that happens, there would never be another Florida incident. I hope that the three parties will get an official, and fair count of the votes from all of Ohio.


The End :)

I found an article when I was surfing AOL news by the title, "Impeachment Trial Opens for Nev. Official."

In Carson City, Nevada, the state's "Controller," Kathy Augustine, is being considered for impeachment, and this is particularly interesting because nothing like this has ever occured in Nevada's history (140 years). Ms. Augustine is accused of making her audience "campain central" during her re-election in 2002. According to Dan Greco, Employees scripted speeches for, and collected donations for Kathy Augustine. Her Republican staff would ask her opponent's financial supporters why they would not assist her campaing.

Dan Greco said, "They did what they were told because they were afraid. They were afraid of losing their jobs. They were afraid of retaliation. They were afraid of Ms. Kathy Augustine's famous temper." Perhaps the workers were cowardly, but it seems to take a large amount of courage to contrarily approach a stranger who financially supports Augustine's opponent.

In my opinion, the reasons for impeachment seem faulty because the author does not provide evidence for the claims against Augustine. To be fair, though, it is a short article, so the author has accented the main points, but with lack of opinion, or support. What do these paid campaigners think about Kathy Augustine? The author does not provide evidence for the cause of impeachment, so it seems to me that that Kathy Augustine should not be impeached without good reasons. Impeachment, like a fillibuster, is reserved for only the absolute worst occasion, and I'm not sure Kathy Augustine is worthy of removal.


In Response to the God-hating Frenchies

Whenever I read anything from some place called "Beliefnet" I take it with a large grain of salt. When reading this article I was at first expecting him to just disprove the common misconceptions liberals have of conservatives. Then as I read on I saw he was also disproving common misconceptions conservatives have of liberals. I figured from there on out that this would be a fairly unbiased article. Although it was unbiased, his data seemed somewhat misleading. For example, when he's talking about how conservatives are just as smart as liberals, he points out that those who voted and did not have a high school diploma favored Kerry 50-49%. What does this prove? If anything, it wouldn't be saying that conservatives are just as smart as liberals, it would be saying that conservatives are just as dumb as liberals. And he is also assuming that those with no high school diploma are not smart, which may or may not be true, but is a generalization nonetheless. Isn't Waldman's purpose of the article to disprove generalizations? How can he do that when he's just introducing new ones? Another part where he claims that liberals push the issue of separation of church and state to "protect relgion" is another generalization he introduces. I'm sure the secular liberals don't care about protecting religion. His way of proving these generalizations wrong are interesting, but I wouldn't say they prove anything wrong. Not only does he need more concrete data, but he needs data that actually corresponds to the generalization.

Response to Faith Factor

I was also confused about the author's political orientation at first, but the "trading gay jokes" made it clear she was liberal. I don't see how people relying on the Church for material assistance is any different than people relying on the government for material asssistance. In fact, I favor people getting assistance from the Church rather than the government. The Church gets its donations from members of the church, including monetary and other material donations that are meant to help the needy. The American Government gets its "donations" from every single tax-paying American. The difference? The Church gets money and material donations from people who are willing to help. The Government doesn't give anybody a choice. And people may say that there's not enough the Church has to give, but when the majority of America is Christian, I don't think it is a problem. And one thing the Church can give that the government cannot is the spiritual assistance ... because money doesn't buy happiness, right? My point is, instead of using everybody's money, including those who really don't want to help anyone out (that's their freedom to decide that they dont' want to help anybody, as mean and cruel as they might be), to assist the needy, let the people who do want to help give assistance to the needy. I know we're not going to get rid of government assistance programs, and it's probably a good thing that we don't, but there's nothing wrong with Church assistance, even if the people going to the church aren't Christian. Even if you view it as non-Christians taking advantage of the church, what's the difference in them taking advantage of the government?

College Study Habits

I wasn't surprised at all by the findings of this research. I honestly don't know anyone, personally, that studies the recommended amount (twice the number of credit hours you have a week). Maybe the material doesn't require that amount of studying at this point, but I think that study load is intolerable. How is one supposed to enjoy their college life just one bit if they study that much? Enjoying college life is hard enough as it is at Georgia Tech, I don't need insane amounts of studying to make it any worse. I barely study at all, and when I do, it's the day before a test, or in some cases, right before the test. I know it's a bad habit, but I've never had great study skills. I never needed them before in high school. All you had to do was pay attention in class half the time and you could ace the class. I wish it were like that here, but now you have to pay attention all the time and then go back through the material you didn't understand and get help. I'm sure over the years it will change for me, but doing nothing but studying all the time is not what I will do. I don't think it is even physically possible for me to study for those long amounts of time. I become easily distracted and studying never seems to have helped me much in the past. I think for a lot of people, studying is a problem because they can't teach themselves. They need someone else to explain it to them and go over it with them for them to actually comprehend the material. That's why I enjoy review sessions as opposed to studying on my own.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Blog essay 9

In "The Chronicle of Higher Education" Eric Hoover goes over the results of some surveys that took place in colleges. Through the survey's he learned that only a small percent of students actually study the recommended 25 hours a week in college. This totally makes sense since lot of students only need to study in certain subjects. To be in college, you had to have some skills of studying and learning material before entering into the college you are at. Those skills can help you learn some material faster than others. So when you are only taking a small number of hours (say 13-15) and there is only one or two classes that you have trouble learning, then you don't need to spend countless numbers of hours studying. Especially if you can get help in the subjects giving you trouble, such as tutoring or a study group, then the amount of time you need to study to get a full comprehension of what you are going over should not be that tedious. If you spend a couple of hours a day studying the subjects that are giving you a hard time then you should not really need to study 25 hours a week; you should be able to get a full comprehension of what you are doing. Furthermore from that article it indicates that seniors do more community service work than freshmen. This is easily understood because most freshmen are clueless as to how to go about doing community service work and might be scared to go particapate in some of the activities that do it. Also they need to get a feel for college and the environment they are working in, so they might not have enough time to go out and do service work until they feel they have totally adapted to college life.

Blog essay 8

In the Nancy Pelosi film "Journeys with George," then governor George W. Bush is portrayed as a normal person going for something that he wants pretty bad. During the film, Pelosi seems to become come friends with the soon to be president and though this friendship is able to show a side of Bush that citizens normally don't get to see. Another major factor with the film is the way Pelosi acts, she is having fun with it and in turn we are able to see just how the president acts when being asked silly questions and when people need his help. By saying "when people need his help" I'm refering to times such as when Pelosi got alienated after accidently releasing the survey of who was winning the election that she took of all the press on Bush's campaign. After that none of her friends or allies that she had created on the campaign trail were talking to her, and it took president Bush to actually make her part of the pack again. The press is supposed to be savages that don't care about who they hurt as long as they get their story; from this documentary you get the feeling that Bush understands what the press has to do and how he needs to act around them so that they can make him sound good to the American people. Bush acts good to the press so maybe they too will write good things about him. The movie shows just how fun and caring the president can actually be and does a real good job at putting a character and a personality to the president. It's good to know that even during such stressful and sleepless times as an election, that President Bush can still know how to lighten the mood and have a pretty good time.

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